Agendas & Minutes 2018

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March 21
5A Draft Minutes 1-17-18
6A City of Trinidad Water Service Extension to 207 Quarry Road
6B HCSD Service Extension to McKay Ranch Subdivision Parcel
6C Fieldbrook-Glendale CSD Annexation
6D Brainard Annexation Protest Hearing Confirmation
6E Executive Officer Staffing Services Contract
7A SHCHD Blocksburg Area Detachment
7B Proposed Budget for FY 2018-19
8A Status of Expiring Commissioner Terms
8B Special District Appointment to RDA Oversight Board
8C Status of RCRPD
8D Status of Current and Future Proposals
9A CALAFCO 02-23-18 Board Meeting Agenda
9B CALAFCO White Paper on Ag Preservation (Feb 2018)
9C CALAFCO Daily Legislatie Report (March 2018)
10A Ed Voice Comments on GSD Chlorine Contact Chamber 03-18

January 17
Meeting Agenda
5A Draft Minutes 11-15-17
5B Meeting Calendar for 2018
6A Designation of Chair and Vice Chair for 2018
6B FY 2017-18 Mid-Year Budget Report and Amendment
6C Boundary Change Policies and Procedures
6D Professional Services Contracts
7A Proposed Brainard Annexation to the City of Eureka
8A Preview of Proposed SHCHD Detachment
8B Status of RCRPD
8C Status of Current and Future Proposals
9A CALAFCO 12-8-17 Board Meeting Agenda
9B CALAFCO 2018 Calendar
9C CALAFCO 2018 Legislative Policies
9D CALAFCO Daily Legislative Report (Jan 2018)
9F CSDA Humboldt Area Chapter Meeting