Proposed Garberville Fire Protection District Annexation

Garberville FPD is considering a proposed annexation of the District’s approximately 36,000 acre out-of-district good-will response area that includes the Benbow, Garberville Airport/Kimtu Meadows, Bear Canyon, Alderpoint Road, and South U.S. 101/Richardson Grove areas and the Sprowel Creek Volunteer Fire Response Area, and consolidating operations with the Sprowel Creek Volunteer Fire Company.  The annexation would also include: (1) a property tax exchange agreement with Humboldt County for the annexation area, whereby the County would shift property tax base and growth generally equivalent with the current Garberville FPD property tax allocation; and (2) a proposed Special Tax as a means to establish a dependable long-term source of revenue for community fire protection services.

For more information on the proposed annexation, please refer to the following “Talking Points” handout. [PDF]