Commission Vacancy for Public Member

Application for Public Member

The Humboldt Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) invites interested persons to apply for the position of regular public member on the Commission. The regular public member fully participates in the discussion and deliberation at LAFCo meetings and is expected to vote on matters put before the full commission.  LAFCo meetings are held at least six times per year on the third Wednesday of odd-numbered months in the City of Eureka Council Chambers unless otherwise noticed.  The four-year term for the alternate public member runs through June 30, 2028.

LAFCo is an independent government agency created in each county by the California State Legislature in 1963. LAFCo is responsible for facilitating changes in local governmental structure and boundaries that fosters orderly growth and development, promotes the efficient delivery of services, and encourages the preservation of open space and agricultural lands. Most notably, this includes approving or disapproving boundary change proposals, such as annexations and detachments, consistent with adopted spheres of influence for cities and special districts.

The public member must be a resident of Humboldt County. No person may serve as the public member of LAFCo who at the same time is an officer or employee of a local public agency or who is a member of a public board, commission, or committee that has the authority to make advisory or final decisions on matters relating to land use or the provision of services.  

The Regular Public Member’s current term ends June 30, 2024.  We will be accepting applications until the position is filled.   To be considered for appointment at the May 15, 2024 Regular Commission meeting, applications must be received by April 26, 2024. For additional information, please email Clerk Heaney or call our office at (707) 445-7508.